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Tailor-made service, peace of mind included

Turnkey service for your property

Our property management services are designed to be adapted to your needs in order to increase your profits, grow your investments, and offset the difficulties you may encounter in managing and gowing your properties.

By offering a package of services tailored to your needs, we are committed to the efficiency of our proposed formula, the reliability of our services, and the availability of our staff to oversee all aspects of your property management.

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Our Mission


We handle it as you will have done.


The right advice from the right source.


Our objective is 0% vacancy.

Our Services Plans

03Metres : a matter of mainstay!

"Metre" is a word that finds its etymological roots in the Greek verb μετρέω (metreo) (to measure, count or compare) and from the noun μέτρον (metron) (a measure). "Metre" is used as a physical unit of measurement, but also refers in literature to Weighting, Suitability and Tact.

Based on these 3 mainstay, 03Meters was born to:

  • Emphasize the contribution of exceptional tenant service in the properties for which we have mandates in order to make the most of the investments of our owners [the Weighting];
  • Establish management plans that suit all needs and all types of customers [the Suitability];
  • Appreciate intuitively what should be said, done or avoided in dealings with our clients, tenants, owners, and consultants [the Tact].



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